Services to Get You Dancing (Into Health)

Do these sound like you?

  • Do you have the Blood Sugar Blues? Brain fog, belly fat, burn out and blood sugar imbalances?
  • Do you drag yourself through the day from cup of coffee to cup of coffee?
  • Have you tried for years to lose weight, eat healthier, be more active, reduce your stress level, etc. without making any long-term progress?
  • Are health conditions interfering with your desired activities?
  • Do you spend your evenings vegged out in a recliner, watching TV and munching on your favorite snacks until bedtime? (What are yours? Chips, cookies, ice cream - my former fav.)
  • Are your retirement days spent going from doctor appointment to doctor appointment?

Dancing into the Wellness You Want

It’s hard for most people to make changes. Most Americans have a state of health that they don’t want, and they don’t know how to create the wellness they do want. Do you have a stack of books that promise to provide “the answer”? It may not be for lack of trying over the years. Some of it may not even be your fault. Really? Yes, really!

Dancing into health takes more than nutritious foods and exercise.  Heart of Health Coaching provides guidance and support to explore other influences and empower clients to make lifestyle choices that will result in optimal health.

My goal is that, in your mid-life or retirement years, you feel vibrant enough to truly enjoy the active lifestyle of your choice. What does that mean for you?

  • Being able to get on the floor to play with “the grands”?
  • Traveling as much as you desire?
  • Living independently for many years?
  • Having fun and living joyfully?
  • The ability to do all the physical things you want to do?
  • Experiencing little or no pain?
  • What else?

What's it like coaching with me?

Don’t all those things equal Freedom? Would you like the freedom to fulfill retirement dreams, unencumbered by excessive doctor visits, limited mobility, pain/discomfort and drained bank accounts on medical expenses? You deserve a rich, full, healthy retirement lifestyle. Will you choose to “do the dance” to find it?

My System:

I use a specific system and a variety of resources with each client:

  • Depending on which service clients select, they complete either a 'Food and Lifestyle Review Form' or a more extensive form.
  • I review that form before we talk.
  • We meet on Zoom for 60 to 90 minutes, as needed, for me to understand the client's concerns. Clients may record the session for review later. 
  • For 3-month clients, I complete and provide to the client an 'at a glance' summary of concerns on a 'Functional Nutrition Matrix'.
  • I email my assessment of concerns and my suggestions for client research and possible courses of action/referral to doctor.
  • Unlimited email support is available for the length of the contract.

Some services available through Heart of Health Coaching: (contact me here)

• Wellness Consultation – 3 months – Includes extensive food and lifestyle review; phone consultations, e-guides, written suggestions; unlimited email support. This is best for someone addressing multiple health issues.

• One-month Wellness Consultation – This includes everything in the 3-month consultation for one month. 

Sweet Spot Solution Program and the SSS 30-day Metabolic Reset Kit  Two Insulin Resistance/Blood Sugar Balancing Programs through Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo.

• Coaching support for SSS 30-day Metabolic Reset –Support spans 7 weeks and includes:  Zoom meetings, unlimited email support 2 weeks prior to, 1 week following, and during the 30-day reset period; 2 e-guides.

• Refrigerator and/or Pantry Clean-out:  Get familiar with ingredient labels and what it means to move away from a refined- and boxed-food way of eating and into a whole food lifestyle. Choose one or both, in-home or on-line (includes a recording of the session). 

  • Make it a 'Pantry Party':  Invite a group to your house. I will do your clean-out at a much reduced rate and a discounted rate for your guests. 
  • On-line 'Pantry Party':  Get a group together to join me on-line for a group discount for each. Includes a recording of the session. 

Local Group Talks – On desired topic (groups of 5 to 15); contact Joan


With the way most Americans eat, there is a good chance you may be addicted to sugar and may not even know it. People who have trouble resisting sweet treats often complain of belly fat, brain fog, feel burned out (no energy), and blood sugar imbalances (even if you have not been aware of these imbalances). In our efforts to get healthier, we may not realize how even slight blood sugar increases can be sabotaging our efforts. It is critically important to maintain blood sugar and insulin levels within an optimal range. Blood sugar imbalances account for many of the health issues we struggle with:  accelerated aging, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, Types I and II Diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and other neurological conditions, changes in the eyes, possibly leading to blindness.

You may be like I was and don’t really know that your blood sugar levels are high enough to do damage to your body. I didn’t realize how my elevated blood sugar levels were affecting how I was feeling until after I worked through the Sweet Spot Solution program. My blood sugar levels are now lower, and I feel better. I can comfortably eat 3 times a day instead of having to eat every few hours because I start to feel shaky. No more carrying nuts around with me in case I started to feel faint. After learning to eat in a way that balances blood sugar, I have not even wanted to go back to eating those foods that made me feel (can I say it?) crappy.

You can explore two options for blood sugar balancing programs called the Sweet Spot Solution. You will see that Metabolic Reset is a complete self-study program for those on a budget. But, please know that I am here for you if you need extra support as you are working your way through it for a small fee.

What A Health Coach Can Do For You

What a health coach can do for you-1

Coaching & Support


Individual Coaching

Most clients like the convenience of on-line coaching. Use of the Zoom platform allows for a visual connection while recording the session for client playback.


Group Programs

Small group programs are offered periodically on a variety of topics. Clients benefit from building a support community with others in the group. This is more cost-effective for the clients.